Can you and your friends crack the

codes, solve the puzzles and blow open the bank safe without getting caught?



Your MISSION, should you choose to ACCEPT it, is to assemble your best team of agents and go to mother Russia to retrieve the stolen documents from the bank vaults. 


GOOD LUCK, the country is counting on you.

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Step 1 

Book the game you want to play by clicking the link and proceed to check out. Once you make your purchase you will be issued with your unique link to begin playing.  This link covers a whole team of players of up to 6 people (2-4 is the optimum number). Share the link with other players if not in the same household.


When booking if your unsure when you will play, book a few weeks / months in advance. 

Your game can be started anytime up to that date. 

All games must be finished within 72 hours of starting. 

Step 2

 Assemble your team via your favourite communication platform. Zoom, Skype, telephone or whatever you’d prefer.

Step 3 

Click the unique link sent directly to your email address, enter a name/nickname  (each player on a different device


 will need to do this). 

Step 4

Your private game is now ready to start.

Step 5: Enjoy!