Teams race around the city, cracking codes

solving puzzles to eliminate the suspects...




Last night one of the keepers left the gates to the zoo open, all the animals escaped. No one has been injured but with all these animals loose in town, we need to hurry before all that changes. 


Detectives if you accept this challenge you have two tasks we need solved. First we need to know what animal is the Head Keepers favourite, I know, you’re asking why, we have a bet on at the station and my money is on the Saltwater Croc. Second it would be great if you can work out who forgot to lock up. No one is talking but maybe the animals may be able to help.

You will need to visit each animal, solve a puzzle and then the animal will go back to the zoo giving you a piece of information needed to work out the tasks.

Given the complexity of this case, we need keen minds to locate the culprit. This is where you come in, meet Sergeant Smudge to begin, he will be able to guide you and offer hints and insights if you think you're missing something.

We don't have any more time to waste - the clock is ticking so grab your Phone and help get the animals back...


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1 Pick your country,  town to make your 



2 Purchase your voucher. All vouchers       

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booking purpose you can start what

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3 Down load the app onto all your devices

4 Share the email containing your unique     

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5 Turn up at the start location contained   

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6 To start your game, click the link in       

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 invite. Do not just open the app, it will     

 say no games in this area.

7 Have fun, the clock is ticking