Made easy

 How it works

We set up the game to run in a local area ( Park/ public space )

You advertise it using the unique discount code we supply you that gives 15% discount

For every code used you receive £13+vat

Because the game is played outdoors in family groups its covers all social distance rules even in tier 3 (new 4 if it arrives)

It can be played over two days and used as family exercise

What makes this different.

A lot of fundraising are about collecting money with the chance of winning/ getting something. With this everyone gets to get dressed up and becoming a detectives for the day. is the newest entertainment business that gets family and friends out together for a fun activity. It can be played on multiple devices making it easier


Tic Tock Time is a clue-solving adventure game for groups of sleuths of all ages. Budding detectives can download a game pack containing all the information needed to solve a fictional murder mystery complete with potential suspects and weapons. Participants then travel around town piecing together the evidence needed to solve the case.

Interrogate virtual witnesses across your town as you eliminate murder suspects and weapons. Will your team have what it takes to solve the case?

Players have to choice of two games

Prizes will be awarded for best costume depending on the group size.

Because of the type of game this can be offered to non school families and offer to the community as well.

Getting local groups/  publications involved to publicise your offer.

If your interested please contact us on